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Infants to 2nd Grade Ministry

Our Infants to 2nd Grade Ministry at Fifth Ward Church of Christ is a place of love and growth specially designed for our youngest members. The foundations of faith can be built from the earliest age, and that’s what we aim to do here.
Infants To 2nd Grade Ministry

Our programs are designed to introduce even the littlest ones to the teachings of the Bible in an engaging and age-appropriate way. From interactive activities to gentle Bible stories, we help children begin their faith journey with a solid understanding of God’s love.


At Fifth Ward Church of Christ, we celebrate each child’s unique qualities, fostering an atmosphere where they can be themselves and grow spiritually. It’s a community where young hearts can start their lifelong relationship with God.


Join us in this loving ministry, where your child will be embraced by a community that cares deeply for their spiritual well-being and where they can take their first steps on a beautiful journey of faith.

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  • Infants To 2nd Grade Ministry


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