Fifth Ward Church of Christ Site

Mission and Vision

At Fifth Ward Church of Christ, our mission and vision guide every aspect of our faith community, shaping our purpose and aspirations as we strive to fulfill God s call.

Our Mission

“God s mission is our mission: making and maturing disciples.”
Our mission aligns with God s mission to make disciples and nurture their growth. We believe that as a faith community, we are called to actively engage in the process of disciple making, helping individuals come to faith in Christ and grow in their faith and understanding.

Our Vision

“To present the Good News of Jesus Christ to our community, the Houston area, and beyond.”
This vision is a heartfelt commitment to share the transformative message of Christ s love and salvation within our immediate community and extend our outreach to the broader Houston area and beyond. We believe that the “Good News” can change lives, and we seek to be instruments of that change.

“To bring glory and honor to His church through righteous living and good works to the needy of our community, the Houston area, and beyond.”
Our vision extends beyond words and into action. We aim to glorify God s name by living righteously and selflessly serving those in need locally and in our broader geographical context. We strive to reflect Christ s love and compassion to the world through our actions and good works.

“To equip members with the necessary tools for spiritual formation to the image of Christ.”
We are committed to equipping our members with the spiritual tools and guidance needed for their personal growth and transformation, conforming to the image of Christ. We recognize that spiritual formation is a lifelong journey and aim to provide the necessary support and resources to facilitate this process.