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Prepare for a warm welcome as you plan your visit to the Fifth Ward Church of Christ. Discover the joy of fellowship, inspiring teachings, and the embrace of a loving community. Join us on a meaningful journey of faith.


As our honored guests, experience the genuine warmth of Fifth Ward Church of Christ. Encounter heartfelt hospitality, uplifting worship, and a sense of belonging. Your presence enriches our faith community. Welcome to a place where you matter.


Share your concerns and joys with our community. Submit your prayer requests, and our faith family will pray for you. At Fifth Ward Church of Christ, we believe in the power of collective supplication. Your requests matter; we support you on your spiritual journey.


Discover meaningful ways to serve at Fifth Ward Church of Christ. Explore opportunities that align with your passion and purpose, from community outreach to ministry involvement. Join us in making a positive impact and sharing God s love through acts of service.


Stay connected with the vibrant Fifth Ward Church of Christ community through our exciting events. From worship gatherings to fellowship opportunities, immerse yourself in a supportive environment. Explore our calendar for upcoming events that resonate with your spiritual journey.


Discover the close-knit bond of believers at Fifth Ward Church of Christ. We welcome you to a fellowship where every member is valued. Explore resources, connect with fellow members, and engage in a shared faith journey. Together, we have built a community rooted in love, service, and the teachings of Christ.


Embark on a transformative journey through our Bible Study classes at Fifth Ward Church of Christ. Explore rich lessons, engage in thoughtful discussions, and deepen your understanding of Scripture. Our diverse study programs cater to all ages and levels, fostering a vibrant community dedicated to spiritual growth.


Our curated resources span from empowering study materials to guiding your faith journey. Immerse yourself in a diverse collection tailored to enrich your understanding of God’s teachings. Whether you’re a seasoned believer or seeker, our Resource Center is your spiritual growth and enlightenment compass.