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Realm Connect App      


Realm Connect App is the method to stay connected to the Fifth Ward Church of Christ congregation. It requires downloading or scanning the QR Code above to the App for iPhone or Android devices to create a login account. Your username is your email address and must match church records. Once your profile is created in the church system, you should receive an invitation email from Realm to create your account login. If you did not receive an invitation, email the church at [email protected].

Use the app to update your member profile information, add your photo, marking attendance at Worship Services, Bible Classes, and church events. You can also communicate with ministry groups, register and RSVP to church events, using a computer, download your annual contribution statements, and more. The App makes it easier for the congregation to communicate at all times.

Registered accounts can see other registered members’ names and family, contact information,
envelope and zone numbers based on their privacy preferences.
Call, text, email, and save member contact information to your phone
News - Keeps everyone up-to-date with the latest posts, photos, and events for your ministry(s)
and church-wide events
Posts - Post messages to your ministry group and comment on posts by others in your ministry
Photos - Capture your moments together and share with your group
Events - See event details (date, time, location, etc.), submit your RSVP
Notification Settings - Manage your preferences for group notifications






Check-in your attendance at Worship Services, Bible Classes, and Church events in one of two ways:

  1. Check-in through the Realm Connect App. It’s easy and fast, or
    *If Realm Connect App notifications are enabled on your phone, you will receive a notification of
    the event. Just tap the notification to check-in.
    *In Realm Connect, click
    on “More” at the bottom right to see Check-In.
    2. Use one of the Kiosk tablets located in the front and rear foyers of the
    auditorium by entering your name or the last four digits of your phone number to search for your name.
    3. Parents, can check-in your children to Children’s Worship and Bible Classes
    with the App or Kiosk tablet located in the Family Life Center.