Church Directory


  1. Get the Church Life app for your mobile device from your app store. It is available for iPhones, Androids, and Windows. To use Church Life you need to create a login account. Your email address is your username and must match church records.  CLICK HERE to the link to create your login.

  2. Go to "Need a Login?  Click Here      

  3. In the Account Sign Up, enter your email address, first name, and last name and click Find Me.

  4. You will see the message “email address is valid”, and also an email to the registered email address to add your password.  Follow the screens to create your password.

  5. Download the ACS Church Life app and login using your email address and password.

  6. Check the box below the password field to save your password.

From Church Life:

  • Search for members from the People Group

  • Tap once to increase the picture size

  • Links to family members in the same household is found at the bottom of the member’s record

  • Can call, send text, and email members

  • Save member contact information in your phone 

Email the church at [email protected] for corrections to contact information or if you do not want your phone number published.

Updates to the Church Directory are made weekly.



There are three (3) ways to mark your worship attendance:

  1. Using the electronic attendance card     
  2. Using the KEY RING APP
    • This requires taking a picture of both sides of your electronic attendance card.
    • Get the Key Ring app for your mobile device from your app store
    • Uploading each side of your electronic card to the app
  3. Completing an attendance card located in one of the foyers or in the rear seat of the row in front of you.