Fifth Ward Church of Christ Site

Facilities Team

Our Facilities Team is at the heart of preserving our faith community’s inviting and secure atmosphere. Comprising dedicated volunteers, this team is essential in maintaining our physical space.

Facilities Team Member: Creating a Welcoming Space

Here are some key responsibilities of the Facilities Team:

  • Maintenance – Ensuring the overall upkeep of the church building, from plumbing and electrical systems to general repairs.
  • Cleanliness – Maintaining a clean and orderly environment within the church, including restrooms, worship spaces, and common areas.
  • Setup and Tear Down – Preparing spaces for various events and services and ensuring they are returned to their original state afterward.
  • Safety – Identifying and addressing potential safety hazards within the church premises.
  • Accessibility – Ensuring that all areas of the church are easily accessible to individuals with disabilities.
  • Landscaping – Caring for the church’s exterior, including grounds maintenance and gardening.
  • Repairs and Renovations – Handling necessary repairs and small-scale renovations to improve our facilities.
  • Security – Assisting with the security measures and protocols to protect our faith community.

Please Note:

  • Background checks are required for all applicants age 18 and older;
  • We ask anyone who has not completed their Fifth Ward Church of Christ membership, to make it a goal to complete it as part of your onboarding and training experience. You can learn more about becoming a member of Fifth Ward Church of Christ by clicking “Membership”.