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Sisters Devotion Conference Call

The Fifth Ward Church of Christ's Sisters Devotion Conference Call is a remarkable initiative uniting women in faith through the power of connection and technology.
Sisters Devotion Conference Call

What Is Weekly Devotion?

This series of devotions, delivered via conference calls, offers a unique and accessible way for sisters in Christ to engage in spiritual growth and fellowship, regardless of their physical location. Each conference call is a tapestry of scriptural wisdom, heartfelt prayer, and communal support.

How Do I Start My Week With God?

The topics covered in the Sisters Devotion Conference Call series are carefully chosen to resonate with women’s lives today. From exploring biblical women’s roles to addressing contemporary challenges like balancing family and faith, the devotions provide practical, scripturally sound advice and encouragement. These calls become a weekly source of strength, inspiration, and communal bonding.

How To Do Devotional For Beginners?

This devotional conference call is unique because it focuses on building a community. Women are encouraged to share their experiences, pray for one another, and offer support. The Sisters Devotion Conference Call reflects the Fifth Ward Church of Christ’s commitment to nurturing a vibrant, supportive women’s ministry.

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Mon February 19, 2024
10:00 am - 11:00 am


  • Sisters Ministry


  • Conference Call

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Katherine Gibson
Verma Draine
Karen Smith