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Ladies and Girls Sweet Hour of Prayer Breakfast

Indulge in a spiritual feast at the Ladies and Girls Sweet Hour of Prayer Breakfast, a cherished gathering where the bonds of sisterhood are strengthened through prayer. Hosted by the Fifth Ward Church of Christ, this event is a delightful fusion of fellowship, nourishment, and heartfelt communion with the divine.
Ladies and Girls Sweet Hour of Prayer Breakfast

Prayer Breakfast

As you enter this special morning’s warmth, you’ll find a haven where women and girls unite in unity and love. The aroma of a delicious breakfast serves as a prelude to the sweet melodies of hymns and the gentle hum of collective prayers. The atmosphere is charged with anticipating a divine encounter, creating a space for reflection, connection, and uplifting conversations.

What Do You Do At A Prayer Breakfast?

The Sweet Hour of Prayer Breakfast isn’t just a meal; it’s a sacred pause amid busy lives. Through intentional moments of prayer, participants experience the transformative power of seeking God’s guidance, solace, and strength. The event is crafted to be a source of inspiration, fostering spiritual growth and creating lasting memories.

What Is A Ladies Prayer Breakfast?

The Ladies and Girls Sweet Hour of Prayer Breakfast is more than an event; it’s a tradition that embodies the values of the Fifth Ward Church of Christ. Join us for this enriching experience, where the table is set with delicious food and the grace and presence of the Holy Spirit, making it a morning to remember.

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Sat January 13, 2024
10:00 am - 11:00 am


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Katherine Gibson
Karen Smith
Verma Draine