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Grounded – Sermon Series

Experience a transformative spiritual journey with Bro. Gary Smith and the Fifth Ward Church of Christ's sermon series about being Grounded. This powerful series offers a deep dive into the essence of steadfast faith, guiding believers toward a more resilient and unwavering spiritual life.
Grounded - Sermon Series

What Does God Say About Being Grounded?

Throughout the series, the focus is on building a solid foundation in Christ. The Grounded sermons explore the importance of being grounded in the teachings of the Bible, emphasizing how a firm grounding in the Word of God equips us to face life’s uncertainties with confidence and grace. Each message blends scriptural depth and practical wisdom to nurture a faith that stands firm in trials and temptations.

What Does It Mean To Be Rooted and Grounded In The Word of God?

Guests are taken on a scriptural voyage, uncovering the secrets to maintaining a constant connection with God. The series highlights fundamental biblical principles encouraging believers to grow in obedience, humility, and continual spiritual development. The Grounded series addresses the challenges of modern living, offering biblical solutions to stay grounded in an ever-shifting world.

What Does Grounded and Settled Mean In The Bible?

The Grounded series is more than just a set of teachings; it invites a life-changing experience. It calls for introspection and personal growth, urging believers to anchor their lives in the Word. Join us in exploring the depths of being Grounded and discovering how to build a life that stands firm on the cornerstone of Christ.

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