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Bible Classes

At Fifth Ward Church of Christ, our Bible Classes are crucial in nurturing and deepening faith through education.

Christian Bible Classes: Nurturing Faith Through Education

Here are some key responsibilities of the Bible Classes team:

  • Curriculum Development – Creating and selecting educational materials and resources for effective teaching.
  • Instruction – Leading and facilitating Bible classes, ensuring engaging and interactive learning experiences.
  • Spiritual Guidance – Providing guidance on spiritual matters and encouraging growth in faith.
  • Support and Counseling – Offering support and counseling to individuals seeking spiritual guidance.
  • Outreach – Engaging the community and inviting participation in Bible classes to foster spiritual development.

Please Note:

  • Background checks are required for all applicants age 18 and older;
  • We ask anyone who has not completed their Fifth Ward Church of Christ membership, to make it a goal to complete it as part of your onboarding and training experience. You can learn more about becoming a member of Fifth Ward Church of Christ by clicking “Membership”.