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The Significance Of Being A Christian

This bible study is a platform for honest and reflective dialogue. We believe in addressing complex moral challenges through scriptures. Our focus is on fostering understanding and providing a space for meaningful conversations.

The Church faces many ethical dilemmas in today’s world. Navigating these challenges guided by our shared faith is essential. Our bible study offers a safe and inclusive environment to explore these moral issues collectively. Our discussions are grounded in Scripture, aiming to align our actions with the teachings of Christ.


Through open and respectful conversations, we hope to arrive at solutions that enrich our spiritual journey and strengthen our connection with God.


Join us on this exploratory path where we dive deep into the moral issues facing the Church, seeking to understand, reflect, and respond in ways that align with God’s will for our lives. Together, we strive to live and positively impact the world.

Bible Study Information
  • Sundays at 10:45 AM
  • Sanctuary Auditorium
    4308 Stonewall St, Houston, TX 77020
  • In-Person

Bible Study

  • Moral Issues Facing The Church


  • In-Person

Child Care

  • Provided


  • Leroy Mobley
  • Otis Phillips
  • Leonard Patterson